Available Phage Releases

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12" Records
PT173 Due Process "Combine XXIII-XXXV" 

10" Records
PT167 Francisco Lopez With GX Jupitter-Larsen 10" 
7" Records 
PT203 Regosphere/ The Vomit Arsonist 7" (co-released with DumpsterScore and Obfuscated)
PT196 Custodian/ Pusdrainer 7" 
PT180 Nyodene D "Caged Dog/ Common Criminal" 7"  
PT166 Engines of Modern Dysfunction Vol. I 7" comp. featuring A Fail Association, Ahlzagailzehguh, Chrysalis + Agit8, John Wiese, K2, Facialmess and Baculum 
PT162 Pharmakon/ Deterge 7" (co-released with Fusty Cunt) 
PT161 Black Leather Jesus/ Pollutive Static 7" (co-released with Violent Noise Atrocities)   
PT150 Faux Pas/ Grain Belt split 7" (co-released with Small Doses and White Centipede Noise) 10$
PT134 Priest In Shit "Icon/ Effigy" 7" 
PT110 John Wiese "Mixed Metaphor b/w Into A Bad Way" 7"  
PT09 Warmth/Medroxy Progesterone Acetate 7"+3" cdr (co-released with Small Doses) 

PT234 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer + irr. app. (ext.) + The New Blockaders "DDTTNBX" CD
PT228 Stress Orphan "Mass Casualty Event" CD
PT221 Ahlzdeveloper CD
PT215 Howard Stelzer "How To" CD
PT214 Deadbeat Debauchery CD
PT212 Fire In The Head "History of Obsession" CD
PT208 Regosphere / Xiphoid Dementia "Subterranean Transmigration" CD 
PT207 Prostate "RIP VIP" CD 
PT206 Mania + Hal Hutchinson "Wreckage" CD 
PT202 Murderous Vision "Black Hellebore" CD 
PT201 Eiko Ishibashi + K2 "Compressed Happiness" CD
PT199 Contagious Orgasm "Division and Combination" CD
PT198 Astro and Winters in Osaka "Reverberating Forest" CD
PT197 irr. app. (ext.) + Blue Sabbath Black Cheer "Discordant Convergence" CD 
PT195 Gnawed "Terminal Epoch" CD 
PT194 The Cherry Point "Misery Guts" Reissue CD 
PT190 Tourette "Brule Mon Ame, Broie Mon Corps; Remodele-Moi A L’image D’un Chien" CD (co-released with Skeleton Dust Recordings) 10$
PT184 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer + Pig Heart Transplant CD 
PT178 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe "Hapax (legomenon)" CD 
PT176 Sissy Spacek "Wreck" CD 
PT175 Z'EV and Bob Bellerue "felt, if not seen" CD 
PT169 Death Jenk "Death Jenk" CD 
PT160 Minotaur  "Obsession" CD 
PT157 M.B. "Industrial Murder/ Menstrual Bleeding" CD 
PT152 Barrikad "We Make Nihilists Smile Again" CD 
PT151 Sky Burial "Threnody for Collapsing Suns" CD 
PT145 Scumearth and K.K. Null split and collab CD (co-released with RONF) 
PT141 Izanami's Labour Pains "Destination: Toujinbou" CD (co-released with Small Doses) 
PT140 K2 "Abdominal Electricity" CD 
PT136 Richard Ramirez/ Black Leather Jesus "Scrapyard" reissue CD (co-released with RONF)  
PT133 Kazumoto Endo + Kazuma Kubota "Switches and Knobs" CD 
PT113 The Kali Ensemble CD (co-released with Turgid Animal) 

PT107 Eyeless Face "Reclaiming My Soul From The Lost And Found" 5" CDr 
PT60 Robe. 5"cdr+patch 

PT229 Baculum "The Burden of Existence" c10
PT227 Hanzo Hasashi "Bomei" c40
PT225 Bridges of Konigsberg "The Lawrence Tapes" c40
PT223 AMK "Redacted" 2xc10
PT222 RNA "No New Tokyo" c70+c50
PT220 POTR/ Baculum "Live" c20
PT219 Guilty C. & PCRV c30
PT218 Pyrox "Strain" c40
PT217 POTR "Born To Be Unloved" c62
PT216 Cober Ord "Le Revers Du Soleiel" c50
PT213 Warsaw "As Corvid Takes Flight..." c60
PT211 Cannibal Ritual/ Dead Body Collection 2xc60
PT210 Downcasts "Necklace" pro-dubbed c24 
PT209 Brandkommando "Two Sides of Violence" c36
PT205 Thirteen Fingers "Pater Mortuus" pro-dubbed c32 
PT204 Shadowmass "S/T" pro-dubbed c34 
PT193 Richard Ramirez "Private Lowlife" c20
PT192 Plague Mother "Silent Exit" c20 
PT191 J Peterson "Untitled (version 1)" 2xc60 
PT188 Developer c20+c22 
PT187 Actuary/ Demonologists c40
PT186 Blood Rhythms "Nothing To Declare" pro dubbed c20 
PT185 Hostage Pageant "Hopeless Decline" c20 
PT183 Hassokk "Bentono Gniauztai" pro dubbed c30 
PT182 RL:ZZ "Fragments" pro dubbed c23 
PT181 Streetmeat/ Baculum 2xc10
PT179 Kay Lawrence "Carrying Her Thighs, Her Back" pro dubbed c30
PT174 Mazakon Tactics "Tied To An Endless Refractory Period" pro dubbed c20 
PT172 Pregnant Spore/ Baculum 2xc10 
PT171 Grizzlor "Black Summer" 2xc62 
PT170 Breathing Signal/ Nguyen Hong Giang c30
PT165 Orgasmic Response Unit "Lesbian Hospital Orgasmic Response Unit" pro dubbed 2xc20  
PT164 Nightmare Task Force/ Knife Attack c45
PT163 Boar/ Circuit Wound/ Skin Graft/ A Snake In The Garden pro-dubbed 2xc30 
PT159 K2/ NRYY "No More N.P.P." pro dubbed c60 
PT158 Friends With Corpses "Don't Turn On The Lights" pro-dubbed c30 
PT156 Astro/ Creation Through Destruction pro dubbed c59 
PT155 Pollutive Static "Burning Faith" pro-dubbed c20 

PT149 Isolated Existence "Overskies" c30 
PT148 At The Atlar c20
PT143 Koufar + Skin Graft pro dubbed c30 
PT139 Baculum "XXY" c20 
PT132 Dim Dusk Moving Gloom + Andrew Coltrane collab " Trojan Force" c30  
PT130 Bonesfield/ Facialmess "Sabotage" pro-dubbed c52  
PT129 Gomeisa "Treatise" 4xc60 
PT124 Regard Us Sadly c20 
PT123 Brandkommando/Seth Ryan/Fear Konstruktor/Disgust pro-dubbed 2xc30 
PT122 Alisa-Yhtye pro dubbed c46 
PT121 Regosphere "Gutter Swarm" pro dubbed c60 
PT120 Fear Konstruktor and Defektro split and collab pro dubbed c39 
PT116 Plasmic Formations "As Death Crept Across The Land, He Followed Behind Laughing" c30 
PT112 Praying For Oblivion/ N.Strahl.N "Aktion T4" pro-dubbed c33 
PT106 Screwtape/Mixturizer pro-dubbed c40  
PT104 I Dreamt Of Her Beautiful Tentacles "Choked In The Woods" c30  
PT102 Stress "Caffeine Addiction" c40

PT97 Disthroned Agony "Vol VI" c20 
PT94 xALLxFORxTHISx "Chemical Death Rattle" pro-dubbed c25 
PT57 Autoerotic Asphyxiation/ Churner split c20