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Phage Tapes was started in 2007 to promote noise. Phage is non profit in the sense that the money made from selling noise is used to pay for more noise.
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Phage Tapes is not currently accepting demos. Sorry. Im constantly behind and never seem to get caught up with what I'm working on.

Info and cover art for available and OOP releases can be found on discogs.

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contact/paypal address: phagetapes {AT} yahoo {DOT} com

Select releases have been or are available at Abgurd, APOP, Audio Dissection, Bone Structure, Bondage Culture Disto, Cipher Productions, Cold Spring, Crucial Blast, ...[dotsmark], Drone, Fragment Factory, Freak Animal, Heart & Crossbones, Malignant Records, Mechanoise Labs, Midheaven/Tedium House, Mimarolgu, Monochrome Vision, NEdS, RONF Records, Scotch Tapes, Second Layer, Self Abuse, Shamanic Trance, Terror, Tochnit Aleph and Turgid Animal.